Ladies Who Tech杭州:无科技不法律No Legal Without Tech

Sun, 19 Mar 2023 18:30:00 GMT+08 ~ Sun, 19 Mar 2023 20:30:00 GMT+08
Ladies Who Tech


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    Ladies Who Tech STEM Drinks Night 

    无科技不法律No Legal Without Tech



    With the accelerating evolution of the new round of technological revolution, the integration of law and technology has become an inevitable trend in the digital age.




    The law is embracing technology as never before. On the one hand, the digitization of legal information and processes enable people to obtain legal services more easily. For example, Hangzhou has the world's first internet court. Through the internet court, lawsuits that used to be costly and time-consuming have become as convenient as online shopping. Electronic signatures and blockchain electronic storage certificates are also more common legal tech products in our daily life.


    At the same time, some emerging technologies also face legal challenges: Do AI paintings have copyrights? Do WeChat emojis constitute copyright infringement? What legal issues should be paid attention to in the circulation of data elements? These issues, which continue to emerge with the advent of the digital age, are also driving the law to continuously expand its boundaries.

    3月19日,Ladies Who Tech邀请了三位法律科技行业的权威嘉宾,他们将从法律的科技和科技的法律两个视角,带领我们在一场STEM Drinks Night中感受法律在科技浪潮下的科技发展与革新。

    On March 19th, Ladies Who Tech invites three authoritative guests from the legal tech industry, who will lead us in a STEM Drinks Night to explore the technological development and innovation of law in the era of technology from both the perspectives of legal technology and the technology of law.

    活动流程 Event Rundown

    18:00 – 18:30 签到与自由交流 Registration & Networking

    18:30 – 18:40 欢迎致辞及介绍 Welcome & Introduction

    18:40 – 20:00  嘉宾分享 Keynotes Speeches

    20:00 – 20:30  圆桌讨论Round Table Discussion

    活动细节 Event Details

    日期 Date: 2023-03-19

     时间 Time: 18:30-20:30

    语言Language: 中文 Chinese

    费用 Entry fee : 60元/位(包含饮品和小食)

    RMB60 (Complimentary F&B included)

    地点 Venue:


    F9, Building 12, OoEli, 398 Tianmushan Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou


    All genders and professions are welcome!  Scan the QR code or click Read More to register!


    场地伙伴Venue Partner



    Zhejiang KinDing Law Firm


    Zhejiang KinDing Law Firm was founded in July 2017 by a group of lawyers with rich experience in cyberlaw. Our organization is the first professional legal service provider specialized in cyberlaw in Zhejiang Province or even the whole nation. Though we have a short history, our team has time-weathered experience in the cyberlaw field. Our current and previous clients include big names in segment Internet fields, and our market presence continues to expand.



    叶丹妮 Danny Ye



    张延来 Yanlai Zhang



    杨艳芸 Daisy Yang


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    Ladies Who Tech

    Ladies Who Tech

    Ladies Who Tech 由从事STEM的女性发起并创立。通过挑战现状并帮助和鼓励更多的女性来发现自己在STEM领域的潜力并参与进来。我们希望提高社会对科技产业女性从业人员缺乏的认识,并帮助公司招聘更多的女性从事STEM行业进而提高公司的多元化。 Ladies Who Tech was started by women who are in the STEM industries and believe in challenging the status quo by encouraging more women to assist and discover their potential in STEM. We want to raise awareness of the lack of women in the STEM industries and help companies to have more diversity.

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